Pinax Group – An Exhilarating Journey towards the Future

Pinax Group has been a pioneer in the world of steel and paper manufacturing and pre engineered building manufacturers for over two decades now. Established on the mission and vision of creating something worthwhile for the advancement of the society, Pinax has spread its wings considerably throughout the journey of the company.

As they embrace the newer and socially and environmentally conscious future, let’s take a look back at all the exceptional feats the company has achieved.

Sensational Business Achievements

Other than nationwide acceptance and praise from elite quarters for their work, Pinax has been honoured with multiple other awards and recognitions. In 2010 and 2011, they won the National Award by Ministry of Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises for Outstanding Entrepreneurship. A great mark of their stellar business achievements is the Excellence Award for smooth running of the industries in Bihar for 15 consecutive years.

The Illustrious Journey of the Company

The idea of a futuristic steel engineering and pre engineered building manufacturers company was conceived keeping in mind the requirement of the industrial sector. The earliest seeds of Pinax were sowed by the founders with hope in heart, a vision in mind, and a determination as strong as steel.

  • 1998 – Pinax Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. was incepted by representing a rolling mill in the year 1998. But the company was still in its nascent stages and looking at decades of growth and expansion ahead. This was only the first step towards years of achievements and accolades that lay right ahead.
  • 2008 and 09 – These two years marked a milestone in the dynamic journey of the company. In 2008, Induction Furnace Division was commissioned, which allowed the company to start producing their own raw material for the rolling mill. The next year, a new feather was added to the cap with Pinax Paper Mills, as the company started its journey of Kraft Paper
  • 2011 to 17 – These six years saw Pinax Group achieve new heights of success with a number of incredible milestones. 2011 witnessed the induction of Electroforged Gratings and a state of the art Galvanization Unit, which went on to become one of the most significant parts of the Steel Division. In 2012, Pinax Group received its due appreciation and accolades as several prestigious establishments such as BHEL, NTPC, EIL, IOCL, and IFFCO, chose Pinax to be their supplier partner. The Fabrication Unit was inaugurated in 2013, while 2014 and 2017 saw new product lines such as Handrails, Ladders, GI Pipes, GI Strips, Ducts, Fabricated Steel Structures etc being added in both the steel and paper divisions.
  • 2018 – This year paved the way for a historic business achievements as Pinax stepped into the sphere of new age construction. For nearly half a century till now, the company had been intrinsically involved with the several modes of construction and had witnessed its evolution from up close. But now it was their turn to be on the forefront. A new era was welcomed with the induction of Pinax Infra Division designed to cater to the requirement of Pre-Engineered or Pre-Fabricated Buildings.

Pinax articulating the way to the future

A company that manufactures steel would always be at the pinnacle of civilization. They get a front row seat to witness the dynamic transformation and development of infrastructure. Therefore it was not only a professional decision but also a social responsibility of Pinax Group to lead the way to the future.

2018 marked the beginning of an era with Pinax embracing Pre-Engineered or Pre-Fabricated Buildings as a milestone achievement of the company. These are buildings with complete steel structures, automatically manufactured and assembled at the site itself. Prefab buildings are the definite future of architecture and construction, and are now extensively sought after by factories, warehouses, and similar industrial buildings.

Pre-engineered buildings come with a host of positives – they are flexible, easy to transport, climate-resistant, energy-efficient, lightweight, durable, customizable, and extremely reasonable. They save thousands on construction cost as well as deter a lot of trouble regarding site traffic, congestion and pollution.

Pinax embracing sustainability

In a world where climate change is as real a threat as any, Pinax once again took up an action of sustainability to do their bit. As a part of that, Pinax have specialized in the designing and pre engineered building manufacturers of Green Buildings across the country.

According to the World Green Building Council, a Green Building is one that generates least possible amount of carbon emission and has limited negative impact on the environment. Steel-bodied structures are among the best examples of sustainable buildings as they have better energy efficiency, recyclable value, and eco-friendly roofing and wall panels. On top of that Pinax has broken ground with the use of constantly recycled materials to reduce the consumption of resources.

Both in their steel and paper division, materials are reused to optimize sustainability and energy efficiency throughout the organization. In the light of the current world situation, this remains one of the highest achievements of the company.

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