What is a PEB Structure?

In layman’s terms, a PEB or Pre Engineered Building is a structure that is designed using computer generated plans, whose components are then manufactured in a factory and finally assembled at the building site. Pinax Group is one of the leading pre engineered building manufacturers company in India.

Versions of PEBs came into existence as early as the nineteenth century in an effort to replace timber with fire resistant building materials. The first materials to be used were cast iron and wrought iron as building framework but the invention of steel revolutionized this trend. As builders realized the cost effectiveness of using metals as building materials, manufacturers started churning out innovative designs and components for industrial and agricultural buildings.

Over two centuries of experimentation and innovation have resulted in the most durable, energy efficient and affordable construction applications available today.

The basic Pre Engineered Building Manufacturers structure consists of a load bearing steel framework erected over a concrete base with a strong foundation, with light corrugated steel sheets used for walls as well as the roof. However, the flexibility of design allows for the use of various materials such as glass, masonry or wood among others as required.

Components of PEB

  • Primary built-up member: ‘H’ shaped high strength grade plates bolted together on site to form the main rigid, load bearing steel frame. The frame is relatively light and portable and is firmly anchored to the foundation to prevent it from being blown away
  • Secondary Members: Consist of Purlins, Girts and Eave struts. Purlins and Girts are ‘Z’ shaped horizontal structural members that support the roof structure and wall paneling respectively. Eave struts are ‘C’ shaped structural members located at the eave of a building that supports the roof and wall paneling.

Another component of the Secondary members is the Trapezoidal Roof Sheet. These metal sheets can be installed as internal lines for double skin roofs as well as walls without the need for adding any insulation layers. An integral part of the structure, it is the defining feature of the building and can be custom-engineered to provide optimum aesthetic value to it.

Different types of PEB structures

Despite structural similarities, each Pre Engineered Building can be tailor made to suit the design needs of the customer.

Pre Engineered structures are ideal for the construction of low rise, spacious buildings with very few or completely devoid of columns. Such portable and utilitarian structures are widely used to build several types of establishments including but not limited to:-

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Office Complexes
  • Storage Facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Workshops
  • Agricultural Storage facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Social service establishments

Several renowned companies and organizations which have establishments of the above kind have chosen to go with PEB structures over traditional methods of construction. The decision is believed to be consciously taken keeping in mind the increasing need of sustainability and reduced energy consumption on the construction industry.

Different types of PEB structures based on roof and frame structure

  • Steep Roof

Steep roofed buildings having a high center clearance ranging in widths from 30 feet to 120 feet and can be used for a wide variety of purposes

  • Shallow Roof

Metal buildings with a shallow roof slope providing spacious interiors with or without columns. Ideal to be used as Warehouses, Offices or Industrial buildings

  • Low Roof

Provides a larger area of clear floor space by using jack beams, bar joists and straight wall columns. Ideal as retail outlets or Storage facilities

  • Single Sloped Roof

Buildings with flat roofs and plenty of clear floor space and single-side drainage, ideal for manufacturing industries

  • Modular Steel Frame Buildings

Weight of the building is evenly distributed by using interior columns. Ideal to be used as factories, warehouses or large commercial spaces

  • Auxiliary Framing

Specially designed extensions for existing metal buildings customized to specifications supplied

About Pinax

Pinax is has been an eminent player in the steel manufacturing industry for 20 years. We are a trusted organization with over 500 happy clients. An ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, Pinax is a pioneer in the field of PEB Steel structures. As innovative Pre Engineered metal building manufactures, we are not only experts at fabrication and design, but we are also highly ecologically and ethically responsible.

Pinax-pre engineered building manufacturers takes quality control very seriously and we ensure that the services and goods we offer are of premium quality.  We offer durable and customized solutions to our clients’ needs using latest production technology.

We have revolutionized the building of Pre Engineered steel structures with our Green Buildings which are environment friendly, energy efficient steel buildings that are 90% recyclable. This is one of the many ways Pinax has chosen to contribute towards a sustainable future for the world.

An organization driven by dedication to deliver technologically-sound innovative creations, Pinax is a modern organization which puts high value on timely delivery of services making our clients’ needs their top priority.

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